MGM Academy

Discover the joy of learning. Discover a Greater YOU!

At MGM, we believe that a person’s potential can only be fully developed if he/ she is nurtured in a supportive environment that provides comprehensive ‘whole person’ development. Our goal is to unleash ‘Greatness’ of all team members through not only usual skills training, but also coaching, mentorship, cross-exposure, and nurturing with the right values.

MGM Academy

With MGM Academy, all team members are provided with the access and resources to further develop themselves in different fields.

More than 200 Academy courses are available for all team members. Types of courses include:

  • Management and Supervisory Skills
  • Work Effectiveness
  • Personal Development
  • Customer Services
  • Language & Information Technology
  • Core Management Programs of Managing the Process, Business and Operations

MGM eAcademy

Learning is not limited to time or location in MGM. Taking into consideration the different learning needs of team members who may work in different shift and location, MGM eAcademy adopts the technological approach to ensure that learning resources are made available to them anytime and anywhere.